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Mountain Top's Moto Moto 

"Sulley's" Pedigree

              1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Mountain Top's Moto Moto
Ch. Carlo Alberto Del Fracasso
Ch. It.
Chevelu Chunky Things
Ch. Eng. Fearnought The Barbarian
Helmalake Rock 'N Roll For Fearnought
Wyecaple Tosca At Fearnought
Chevelu Whata Madam
Brookvieuw Imaluke
Chevelu Flame Of Gildasan
Ch. It. Santmichal Lord Loxley
Michael Bellarosa Of Santmichal
Bredwardine Berwinfa
Ch. Sofia
 Ch. Vincent
Ice Cream De Qualque Part
Ch. It. Sanrock Bianca
Ch. It. Santmichal Lord Loxley
 Michael Bellarosa Of Santmichal
Bugeilyn Of Bredwardine
Bredwardine Bertheos
 Bredwardine Berwinfa
Ch. Bredwardine Bwlchllan
Bredwardine Bwlchyddwyros
Phnominal Prince v. Ircomara
Ch. Kindo V.D. Ircomara
Amber V. Tusken Maren Klifff
Funny Maid From The Black Mask
 Ch. Merrowlea Bas
Ch. Bessy Maid From The Black Mask
Goliath's Pocket Full Of Sunshine At Mountain Top
Ch. Mastif Hill Wrath Of Achilles At Goliath
Carlo Magno Del Fracasso
Ch. IT. Pedro
Chevelu Chunky Thing
Ch. It. Sanrock Bianca
Ch. ITA. Santmichal Lord Loxley
 Ch. Rus.Mol.LIT.Bul.
Vairhona Brullemail
 Multi Bis, Biss SW.Dan.Intl.Nor.Ger.
Ch. Wiley Ways Conrad
Ch. NK Wiley Ways Cosmic Force
Wileys Annie Oakley
Sugar And Spice
 Intl. Multi Ch. Hugedogge Barbirollli Sir Purcel
Bredwardines's Brullemail
Ch. Beowulf's Stark Raven Mad
Ch. Beowulf's Attitude W Latitude
Ch. Golem Ralph E
Ch. Regal Hills Sudden Impact
 Ch. Golem Moses Gracie E
Ch. Beowulf's Dancin In The Rain
Ch. Beowulf's Man About Town
Beowulf's In Vogue-Madison
Beowulf's Song Of Jamacia
Ch. Beowulf's-Brijas Smuggler
Ch. Beowulf's Leading Man-Bogart
 Ch. Beowulf's Brittanys Jingabell
 Ch. Beowulf's Jamacia Me Happy
Ch. Beowulf's Man About Town
Beowulf's Top Billing

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